Contact with the Galactic Council


In 3499 the Galactic council made contact with the UNE and Federation Commonwealth after they had demonstrated that they were capable of civilized behaviour. The Federation violently rebuffed the invitation to join the Galactic Council but the UNE graciously accepted. It wasn't five days before the Akoran Empire began making threats and demands on the UNE. They wanted half of Terran held space and reparations for the worlds destroyed in the Great War. These demands were rebuffed, in some cases quite rudely. The UNE recognized that war with the Akoran Empire was inevitable and began to seek out allies against them. The UNE could not stand up against the Akoran Empire alone and required stronger allies to protect them. The Decoran Republic was quick to sign up with the humans as they had several similar demands made against their own territory. The Horloth knew war with the Akoran Empire, who saw them as a member state of the Empire, was also inevitable and the human conflict was as good a time to go to war with the Akoran Empire as any. They players were now set. Militaries massed on the boarders and waited for the order to proceed.

The Great Ambushes


The UNE was caught by surprise on December 2nd, 3515. The Commonwealth fleet at Hercules was caught in low orbit by the Akoran fleet and many of its ships were forced to crash. The US Alliance fleet was overwhelmed by Raiders and Patrol squadrons full of small ships that could easily defend themselves against the massed missile fire from missile cruisers and fighters. They overran the missile cruisers and carriers positions so quickly that few had time to escape. The European Union put up the greatest resistance during the opening battles. While a part of their fleet was caught in orbit of Cassiopeia they still had the greater bulk of their fleets out in open space. They moved to intercept the Akoran fleet hoping to corner them between the planet and the main force but the Akoran's turned to face them and the Oberon’s deadly phaser lances bored massive holes into the hulls of European capital ships and then proceeded to bombard the remaining Terran ships with their phaser cannons. The European fleet lasted 6 days were as the other two fleets had been defeated in a day. All three fleets had concentrated there power at these three systems. All three fleets were now reduced to 40% of their total strength. It looked as though the war would be over in a matter of weeks rather than the 50 odd years it took to end.


Enter the Commintern. This fleet was made up of largely Raiders and patrol ships. Every ship right up to the battlecruisers it fielded were all considered expendable and they fought as such. In an unprecedented act of inter alliance cooperation the Commintern moved in to defend the systems that now lay open before the Akoran Empire. Ships threw themselves heedlessly at the Akoran fleet. They bought time with every ship they lost. TO make matters worse for the Akorans the Commintern had a habit of sending jump equipped salvage ships to harvest wrecks and then bring them back for repairs and crewing. The Comminterns manpower seemed endless. The Akoran commanders were frustrated by the tactics of the Commintern fleet. How does one achieve a strategic victory over an enemy that has no assets they couldn’t afford to lose. The Commintern held the Akorans up for 10 years before the other three alliances got there acts together and began showing force once again. Several stop gap measures were introduced. The Commonwealth developed the Unicorn class Pocket Battleship which it made readily available to all four alliances. These accompanied by the Vikrant class battlecruisers began to show up in increasingly large numbers. The US alliance introduced the Independence class Light Carrier which would jump into a battlefield, quickly launch all of its fighters and then jump away again.

The Decoran Front


Two days after the start of hostilities the Decoran Republic declared war and began attacking Akoran boarder colonies before the Decorans could mass enough strength to launch effective assaults. The Decoran navy was vastly outgunned once the Akorans made their offensive but fortunately this was not the way the Decoran navy worked. The Decoran battlecarriers sent wave after wave of fighters at the Akoran and they knocked out capital ship after capital ship. This caused the Akorans to withdraw the bulk of their capital ships and let the cruisers and carriers carry on without them. At first the Decoran fleet appeared to hold its own, but as time wore on their fighter reserves became more and more depleted, especially after the commitment of the new Pyron class AFC defence cruiser. It wasn't so much the loss of the fighters that hurt, it was the loss of their trained pilots. The Decoran fleet was forced to rely on its gun fleet more and more. Ship losses began to rise and planetary assaults began to take place in Decoran space. The Republican Navy began to fall back. Hundreds of systems fell into Akoran hands. Finally, after only four years of intense fighting the Decoran Republic was forced to sue for peace. The Akoran Empire accepted and demanded the surrender of hundreds of systems, claiming that the native Akoran populations belonged with the Akoran Empire. There was a massive influx of refugees into the Decoran free zone before the transfer took place.


The Horloth Front


The situation on the Horloth front was much different than on the Decoran front. The Horloth believed in attacking from a position of strength. They would let the Akorans attack and then destroy their fleet with their defensive tactics. The Horloth didn't declare war until the seventh day of the war and they did not attack when they did so. It took some time for the Akoran attack to materialize but when it came it was overwhelming. Several outposts and outlying colonies fell to the Akoran advance. The Horloth had been preparing for the war for some time and they put their plans into full swing. Interplanetary missiles were fired on the captured Akoran facilities damaging many of them beyond repair. Ships would lure the Akoran fleet into range of battle stations and defense satellites and then turning on them. Hundreds of ships were destroyed in this way. The Akoran fleet eventually withdrew from Horloth space and did not attack again for three years when a clever overseer noticed that the Horloth never counter attacked. The war had stagnated and the Akoran fleet was slowly recovering from its losses. It was decided that the Horloth fleet would attack before the Akoran Imperial Navy recovered from its losses. Several fleets jumped into Akoran space and away from the planetary defenses that they had relied on to destroy the Akoran fleet. Engagements were brutal and this time it was the Akoran's turn to lure the Horloth into defensive traps. The Horloth losses were great and they eventually withdrew. The Akoran's losses were not light however and if things kept going the way they were then the Akoran fleet would have to withdraw from its positions on the border. Instead the Akoran's would launch occasional attacks that were designed to kill ships and not capture territory. This kept the Horloth on the back foot and they were not able to attack again for some time.



Several ship designs made a definite impact on the war. The Oberon was one such design. It proved nearly invincible and no Oberon had been destroyed in the battles to date so the US Alliance decided to copy the design. The result was the New Jersey class Super Battleship, the greatest blunder of all blunders in ship design. The ship lacked certain key technologies that made the Oberon such a success, such as the phaser lance and the energy disruption field. Its first combat against the Akorans saw a few minutes of spectacular missile fire and then completely underwhelming photon cannon fire. The US alliance was not alone in its failure to copy a successful design. The UNE had a design for a fast destroyer that nobody knew who had first developed it. The Cairo class and all of its sub-classes were extremely successful raiders and escorts. It was so successful that the Commintern had turned back entire offensives with this class of ship alone. The resultant copy was the Ventoric class Heavy Destroyer. The Akoran navy wanted too much out of this design, which was 2/3 engine and it performed poorly as a raider, but the presence of the new heavy phaser beam made it a superb escort. The ship was repurposed and both the Imperial Navy and Imperial Guard made extensive use of the ship.

The Project ships


Before the war started the UNE started to make attempts at streamlining there militaries. They began project Alpha, Beta, Gamma, and Delta. Project Alpha became the star attraction while the other three designs were left by the way side. It took 52 years to get the first seven ships built and this was only because of the need for new ships and designs after the initial encounters with the Akoran fleet. Three were given to the Commonwealth, two to the European Union and two to the US alliance. The Commintern representatives sacrificed possession of one of the new ships to shore up the combat strength. This was not viewed with favour by the Comminterns commanders and the representatives were dismissed. Project Iota was started soon after the release of the Alpha class ships as they are now called. Project Beta was picked up by the European Union. The ship design was almost finished when they had and they presented it to the UN security council soon after and the ship was approved for general construction. The Commonwealth did the same for Project Delta, but unlike the Alpha and Espanola (project beta) classes they had too much put into them. The addition of inadequate missile batteries and the lack of a secondary battery made them less then optimal. The Dragon class cruiser (Project Delta) was readily adopted by the US alliance because of its heavy primary battery which surpassed the primary batteries of the Detroit class and Cleveland Class cruisers. Project Iota was rushed into service within 8 years of its inception and performed well enough, but not spectacularly as the Alpha class ships had.

The War Continues


It was during the middle phase of the war that the European Union, Commonwealth and US alliance fleets came back in full strength. The Akoran advance slowed to a crawl with the humans holding onto each system with a furious tenacity. At Titus IV the Akoran fleet first encountered the Alpha class super battleship, the USS Missouri. The ship performed admirably, even though it was wrecked, the Missouri destroyed two Reknor class battleships and drove off an Oberon class battleship. The wreck was recovered and repaired but not in time for Titus IV. The other alliances began committing there Alpha class super battleship and began building as many of them as they could afford. After the fall of Titus IV the area of UNE space known as "the pocket" was cut off from the rest of UNE space. This effectively doomed the region to conquest with the only routes out through Ilin and Duranat space, both of which were hostile to Humanity. The pocket fell in six years of bloody conflict. The Akoran's spent another two years crawling forward capturing very few worlds in the process. The Humans appeared to be holding their own despite their massive handy cap of being so much smaller than the Akoran Empire. It appeared that the Imperial Navy and Army was not totally committed to the war. The Imperial Guard, which was not supposed to operate outside of Imperial space began taking over garrison duty on occupied worlds.


The Akorans were initially baffled by the absence of Terran civilian populations on occupied worlds. The Humans had withdrawn into extensive underground caverns left over from the Andromedan occupation. Entire cities were located in these underground caverns. Human resistance groups would surface to conduct sabotage and kill Imperial Army troops. Hidden landing pads allowed small ships to both be built and used in defense of the colony or allow raiders to land, refuel and rearm carrying the resistance into space. Raiders would also search worlds made uninhabitable by strategic weapons during the Great War for advanced technology that would give them an edge over the Akorans. This usually turned out to be a waste of time but the Akorans were doing the same thing which gave the UN Security Council an uneasy feeling. The presence of the Imperial Guard as garrison forces began to develop rumors of death camps, torture and Genocide.


The Grand Experiment


During the battles for Omicron Theta, Alcor and Duhr the UN security council approved the assembly of three special fleets. These fleets would be made up of all four alliances. Even there crews would be made from all four of them. Mixed crews would have made for a difficult time coordinating attacks but the one requirement for the fleets was that each person must speak English, the most common language on Earth. The 2nd fleet was destroyed at Duhr before it could be fully assembled. The 1st fleet and 3rd fleets performed extremely well, especially the 3rd fleet. The 3rd fleet managed to destroy three Oberon class ships in low orbit over Omicron Theta. This was the first time Oberon class ships were destroyed by Terran ships and would not be the last. These two fleets held their ground for two years while the Akoran Empire struggled to take world from the UNE. The UNE had held the worlds of Omicron Theta and Alcor for eight years before the combined fleets took over. Else were in the galaxy on the UNE's right flank the Akoran's made excellent progress. Over a dozen systems fell into Akoran hands. The Commintern proved to be the weak link in this campaign. They were paying for there earlier disregard for man and machine. Their manpower pool was extremely depleted and the other three alliances were not stepping in to assist them as they had stepped in to assist the other three.


Fears of other alliances getting their hands on their colonies caused the UN Security Council to deny requests for the 1st and 3rd fleets to attack the Akorans despite their promising performances. Calls o the rest of the UNE militaries to unite gave them extreme discomfort. The success of the 1st and 3rd fleets had fueled the one world movements on Earth and the Colonies. Calls to truly unite were undermining the rule of the UN. There for the security council ordered the disbanding of the 1st fleet which resulted in the loss of the Kastra System as well as the loss of the Alcor system. Successes at Pegasus also forced the 3rd fleet to withdraw from Omicron Theta, at least temporarily. The 3rd fleet was also ordered to disband but a discussion amongst its leadership caused it to refuse on the grounds that Alpheratz IV would fall to the Akorans and the world was not prepared for Akoran occupation. Artech may have even fallen to the advance of the Akorans as well. They lasted a year before the UN Security Council agreed to allow them to remain as they are. The 3rd fleet was extremely damaged by the final battle for Alpheratz IV and was in no condition to defend Artech by itself.


The Long Siege


The Akorans attacked Artech before the 3rd fleet could repair and rearm. The Commonwealth force K reinforced the fleet temporarily and together they repulsed the early attacks. The 3rd fleet was then on its own. The 3rd fleet received a number of independence class carriers and the fearsome Ticonderoga class missile cruisers. These ships would conduct hit and run attacks that disrupted Akoran attacks and allowed the few capital ships to repulse the attacks. When the 3rd fleet returned to full strength the Akorans concentrated on isolating the Alpha Centauri system and the Terran System. They conquered the Deneb, Navi, Wolf, and Leo systems while the 3rd fleet begged for the right to attack. Elsewhere the Akorans made a single advance during this time at the Vega system. Everywhere else the UNE held strong and begged for the right to attack but the security council continued to deny its militaries the right to push back for political reasons. This dragged on for 9 years. The UNE could conceivably turned the Imperial Navy and Imperial Guard back but refused to do so out of fear of losing power to their political rivals. The UNE had clearly failed. Near the end they finally allowed the 3rd fleet to attack and break out of the tight pocket that had been formed around Earth and Artech. This came too late. The Akoran Empire assembled the entirety of the Imperial Guard fleet and 70% of the Imperial navy forming a fleet of thousands of ships including a single Imperial Guard Oberon class ship armed with an anti-matter accelerator cannon. With this tactical scale weapon they destroyed several of the Alpha class battleships defending Artech and destroyed the rest using Conventional weapons, all except one. The 3rd fleet was reduced to a couple dozen ships.


Prelude to the Battle for Earth


On the eve of the most important battle of the Earth-Akoran war the UNE fleets began their preparations for the coming onslaught. During their preparations the discovered that the Europa fleet yards, largest in UNE space, was operating at half capacity. An investigation by the commanding admirals revealed that the fleet yard was operating at such a low capacity because its dry docks were crammed with new ships, some of which had been completed at the outbreak of the Battle for Artech. The ships possessed superior technologies that would have turned the tide of the entire war. The ships were hidden from the UNE militaries by the UN Security Council in order to preserve their own political power. That had to change if there was to be any hope of winning the upcoming battle. The 3rd fleet began to man these ships and took one into orbit of Titan where the UN Council met after revealing to the army that a whole host of weapons had been hidden from them as well. Both organizations instigated a coup that brought the UNE down. A united government was put in its place called the United Earth Confederate, or Confederate for short.


The Battle for Earth


After the two months that it took to secure Artech the Imperial Navy and Imperial Guard were ready to launch their attack. This was against the Navies advice as the Terran system could be starved into submission as it was extremely over populated. The Imperial Guard insisted on the attack however and they sent the Imperial Navy in first. They had to use the system stable wormhole because the Terran star produced too many tachyons which disrupted worm hole formation. This worm hole was located near Pluto and had a massive mine field protecting it and the Imperial Navy lost 14 ships pushing through the field. The next obsticle was Pluto itself and the small contingent of ships sent to defend it. As many of the ships were the newer designs and the Imperial Navy lost another 38 ships in the porcess of subdueing the 11 ships sent to defend the mining colony.


When the Akorans reached Titan, the next major site in the invasion fleets path, the Akorans had no assualt ships with them or following close by. The Confederate fleet stayed close to the moon where the planets battlestations could contribute to the fight. The Akorans arrayed themselves in attack formation well outside of the orbit of the planet Saturn. They fired the anti-matter cannon at the moon and destroyed it in 3 shots along with all of the battlestations and ships nearby. It appeared as if the Akorans had destroyed the only ships between them and Earth.


When the Akorans reached the asteroid belt they were ambushed by Confederate fighters including a large number of the new F-9 Star Falcons and A-38 Devastators. The new tachyon blasters that these ships were armed with proved effective at damaging the Akoran ships. They concentrated on the Akoran ship carrying the antimatter cannon. A single fighter penetrated the thick defenses around the Oberon class super battleship and peirced the anti-matter storate tank of the weapon and destroyed the ship in the subsiquent explosion.


The last hurttle in the attack was the attack on Earth itself. The Akorans summoned assualt ships and moved their fleet in for the attack. They did not scout behind the moon or destroy the extensive satillite network surrounding the planet. This proved fatal. The planet had a massive number of guns on both the surface of the planet and the moon as well. The satellites turned out to be weapons platforms as well. Akoran shields still proved to be the decisive factor in the battle. Three ships launched from stations in orbit, these were the 23km long Fortress Carriers that the UNE mobilized shortly before its fall. They were heavily armed and armoured making them difficult for a fleet to assail. The final stroke was the appearance of new dreadnoughts and a small support fleet. These new dreadnoughts were armed with cascading mass drivers stollen from the Andromedan Empire and they used these to strip the Akoran ships shields en-mass and allowed the photon cannons that were defending the planet to strike dirrectly at the ships themselves. The Akorans lost nearly 3/4's of the ships and the remainder were damaged to one degree or another. The assault ships that were summoned could not escape and the Imperial Army lost a large number of troops when these ships were mercilessly destroyed.


The Blitz


Within weeks the Confederate fleet was organized and ready to attack. They signaled the worlds of the southern pocket to attack and attacked themselves. At first the attacks were methodical and the fleet supported the ground forces as they assualted the occuppied worlds. When they got to Alpheratz IV this all changed. THey discovered that billions of people were missing and thousands had been killed by the Akorans in death camps. The president ordered that all ships were to drive as fast as they could for the Akoran border and force the Akorans out of Confederate space. Local resistance fighters and underground militias would have to liberate the worlds as the fleet advanced. In a matter of months the Empire was forced out of Confederate space. During this time the Confederate used fast destroyers operating behind enemy lines to launch sporadic strategic attacks against Akoran worlds and systems. These were uncoordinated and random strkes in retaliation for the destruction of Titan.


The Ilin


The Ilin, who were staunch supporters of the Akoran Empire began to become nervous as the Confederate fleet approached their border. The Duranat response was the same as it always was, nothing, they just ignored the humans, but the Ilin issued an ultimatum. The Confederate fleet was not to approach the border and the Ilin would stay nuetral. The Confederate did not want to leave any humans in alien hands so they ignored the warning and sent the fleet into the border system of Eridani with a specially assembled liberation force. The fleet first encountered the Ilin in a one off skirmish. The only Alpha II dreadnought to be sent into the Eridani system engaged a single squadron of Ilin ships. The result was a victory for the Confederate but there was extensive radiation damage that killed few but poisoned hundreds temporarily. The nature of Ilin weapons meant that even if the Ilin did not penetrate the armour they could irradiate the crew. During the final battle for Eridani an entire ALpha class ship was rendered lifeless, but even then the Confederate held its own against the Ilin and repulsed the attack.


The true retaliation for Titan


The fleet ammassed a force along the Akoran border including a large number of Strategic Missile Cruisers and Tactical Missile Cruisers retrofitted to fire strategic missiles. In the course of a day the fleet destroyed over 200 systems with gravicitic weapons. The destroyed enough systems to prevent an attack on the Confederate border worlds. They then carved a swath through the Empire leading dirrectly to the Akoran homeworld, but one jump away from the Akoran homeworld so the home system could not be destroyed with a gravitic weapon and the only other form available was to use the cascading mass drivers on the dreadnoughts to burn all life on the surface of the planet away. This would require a conventional attack so the stage was set for the largest battle of the war.


The Battle for Akora


During the strategic attacks on Akoran space the Imperial Navy and Imperial Guard suffered emmense casualties. Almost half of their total strength was destroyed in a matter of hours. The Confederate objective was clear, and that was the Akoran Homeworld. With no contact with the Imperial capital for months the Navy was free to act on its own. Together with the Imperial Guard they assembled more the 5000 ships at Akora and hoped that the Confederate would be forced into a conventional battle in order to destroy the homeworld. They got their wish. Confederate forces jumped in nearly 3000 of their own ships to engage in the attack. Only 10 of the new Alpha II dreadnoughts were available at the time and they were the only ships armed with the cascading mass driver. The Akoran fleet massed up well outside of mass driver range of the planet and prepared to engage the enemy. Mean while what had been happening on the planet was a bitter civil war between the Imperial Army and the Imperial Guard ground forces. Human prisoners of war were also fighting against the Imperial Guard in hope of ending the war. The space battle could be seen from the ground were the most important fighting was happening. The rebel forces attempted to cease control of the one inter-planetary communication divices in order to turn the Imperial Navy against the Imperial Guard and essentially win the war. The Imperial Guard possessed a paltry 600 ships in the battle for Akora and if the Navy turned on the Guard they would easily achieve orbital superiority and win the battle. They captured the array just in time. A Human PoW hailed the lone Alpha II dreadnought and convinced the commanding officer to bombard the Imperial Palace with its main guns. The Emperor was killed and the Emperor's brother, who had been fighting with the Imperial Army, took command of the Akoran forces and orcastrated a surrender of all Imperial Forces. The war was over.

Peace Terms


The Akoran Empire paid an aweful price during the last days of the war. nearly 300 star systems were rendered unihabitable. The Confederate did not demand reparations for the war, but instead insisted that the peace treaty must bind the Ilin as well as the Empire. Also peace between the Horloth and the Empire had to be restored and any claims on their territory had to be abandoned. They also had to return the territory lost to the Decoran Republic, which was at a time when the Republic was in dire need of more resources aiding them against the Andromedan threat. Most importantly the Imperial Guard would be disbanded and its members subject to prosecution for war crimes. Only a few escaped this fate as they were secretly supporting the Terran resistance efforts.


History of Earth