First Contact


In 2336 a convoy coming from Earth arrived in the Alpha Centuari system and assembled itself before heading for Artech when they sited six unknown ships that appeared from nowhere. The ships seemed to plot an immediate interception course with the convoy. The escorting warships meant to replace those in orbit of Artech left the convoy and intercepted the alien ships. Well outside of firing range the lead alien ship fired a beam into the largest Terran warship. The ship disappeared in a massive explosion with no trace of the ship left, not even debris. They proceeded to fire silver energy bolts into the remaining ships. There was no time to get into range and the ships were all destroyed. The civilian ships attempted to surrender when it became apparent that they would not be able to outrun the alien ships. There was no response and they attacked the convoy destroying the transport ships with little effort. The alien ships closed into short range for this attack and this allowed the transports to fire back with their insignificant armaments. The Aliens possessed an energy field that surrounded the ships and the defensive fire meant to blast asteroids out of the ships path were ineffective.


The Alien ships turned their attention to the colony. They destroyed the ships in orbit and bombarded the colony and landed troops. A few hundred of the alien troops took control of the colony before the main force of one hundred ships arrived. They did not kill the human population, but they searched the colony for weapons to pacify the humans they found there. A puppet government was set up and the main fleet left the colony with only two ships left in orbit to watch the colony. No warning could be sent to Earth.


The alien fleet had difficulty opening wormholes inside the Terran system. It was discovered that the Terran star emitted a high level of Tachyons making wormhole formation impossible. They jumped in beyond Pluto’s orbit in several independent task forces. The first indications that there was something wrong was when the mines on Pluto were bombarded out of existence. The greater proportion of the planetoids inside the system possessed some sort of settlement whether it was a full-fledged colony or a simple mining facility. The first major population center hit by the Andromedans was Titan. They had 36 warships defending it against seven enemy ships. This time the defending ships had an advantage that was made quickly apparent. Missiles from the Terran ships surged forward at impossible speeds. They were so fast that defence gunners on the alien ships were not able to react fast enough to defend the ships. And while the larger ships had enough armour to repel the Terran missiles the smaller ships were damaged severely. From then on the aliens would be more cautious. The defending ships were destroyed none the less and troops were landed on the colony and there was a great deal of bombardment against the defending garrison which was substantial due to the colonies past aggression. The colony was subdued in a matter of weeks.


Earth was next. 20 ships moved in on Earth and a massive fleet of ships rose up to defend it. Terran ships went up like fire crackers. Dozens of ships were lost in order to get one in range for its missiles. Planetary based missiles also joined in on the defense. Planetary gun batteries were being assembled at the time but they were not finished. Two alien ships were rammed by Terran ships when there conventional armaments proved useless. The aliens were driven off by the sheer weight of numbers with a total loss of one alien battleship, three cruisers and three escorts. Terran casualties were heavy. They could not repel a force of that size again. It would be up to the planetary defenses to do the job if they could be finished in time.


While the mining colonies on Venus proved a formidable obstacle due to the high temperature, Mars was overrun with frightening efficiency. All the ships that were to defend Mars were ordered to head to Earth to reinforce the fleet that had been badly mauled by the aliens. The aliens intercepted the fleet before it could reach Earth and destroyed it anyway. Following the destruction of the Mercury mining facilities the bulk of the fleet was redirected towards Earth. This time the Terran fleet only outnumbered the aliens by four to one. The battle was extremely one sided and the planetary defence weapons were finished by the time that attack came in. The weapons fire from the planet was impressive but ineffective. The alien fleet ignored it and proceeded to destroy every ship near Earth. The enemy fleet then moved away from the planet outside the orbit of the moon and bombarded every gun position on Earth well outside of range of the defense weapons. Every orbital facility was also targeted and destroyed leaving a huge orbital debris field behind. Alien troops then began to land and the ships bombarded military formations were ever they could find them. The humans had learned the lessons from the battle for the Artech Colony well however and hid many of the infantry units as possible in underground bunkers. This was particularly effective in Africa and Asia as most of those countries military was infantry. Even some tanks were hidden from the aliens. Once enemy landings took place these units emerged from their hiding place and engaged the aliens. This caused the alien invasion to stall out slightly and it took two months to pacify the planet.




The invaders had no spoken language of their own. They appeared to be quite adept at speaking English however and said their empire originated in the Andromeda Galaxy. Humans began formally calling them Andromedans. At first the occupation proceeded with the individual rights of human beings being respected, but after the first year humans were rounded up and sent out on transports to other planets that had no indigenous populations (anymore). Other cities had been plowed over and humans were set to work building new urban and rural centers suitable to their needs. All in all 4 billion humans out of the 12 billion located in the Terran system were transplanted forcibly. Families were separated and never heard from again as communications between these new worlds were cut off. 400 worlds were populated with 1 million people. People were encouraged to have more children by increasing rations and living conditions. Some families increased in size to nine to twelve children each. Once populations increased in size again the Andromedans transplanted even more humans spreading them throughout 1/4 of the galaxy. Human populations grew and once the population had reached a certain size on a certain planet they began forcing humans to build orbital facilities, ships, vehicles and even weapons. While no one person was able to learn how to create these devices each individual was taught a specific task in manufacturing.



Effective active resistance did not begin until after the Andromedans allowed the Terrans to establish trade routes between worlds. These ships were at the same technology level that the Andromedans found the humans with. Primitive pod ships reinforced for wormhole travel. Many of them carried the inertial compensator which the Andromedans had desperately been trying to adapt to their own technology without much success. The Andromedans were patient, very patient, and they would take all the time they needed to get the technology to work with their technologies. The inertial compensators neutralized the effects of the Andromedan Barrier Shields. This left the Andromedan ships very vulnerable and gave the humans an advantage in stellar resistance. Pirate factions began popping up first using primitive but still effective missiles. They would jump in and use there missiles against the Andromedan escorts causing enough damage to drive them off and leave the cargo ships defenseless. This turned into active resistance when the pirates discovered that there was nowhere to unload their stolen cargo for money. They hooked up with active resistance cells on occupied planets, became organized and even built facilities on worlds the Andromedans had deemed unimportant enough to bare populations.


During this time resistance cells came and went. It became obviously apparent that the greater bulk of the Andromedan fleet was occupied in a war with other alien races. There was no attempt to contact these races, the humans had no idea where they were in the galaxy and their resources were tied up in resistance actions. There were hundreds of factions now and the Andromedans were having an extremely difficult time containing them. They had space facilities, starports and even ship yards were ships were constructed using stolen technology. Humans could not reproduce the technology, they had no research facilities were the technology could be reproduced. The humans made do with what they had. Then there were major uprisings in several worlds including planet wide riots against the Andromedans. Earth was the sight of a particularly intense uprisings. The UNE, a conglomeration of four resistance groups affiliated with the old four alliances committed the bulk of their forces and forced out the Andromedan fleet, which was particularly weak at the time due to some emergency elsewhere in the galaxy. The system was purged of the Andromedan presence with high casualties. The Andromedan casualties were total, they appeared to have no civilian population inside Terran occupied space. The scene was repeated in over a hundred systems and the Andromedans were on the back foot. Combined with offensives from other alien races and alien resistance activities the Andromedan fleet was in full retreat. This was fortuitous timing as the Andromedans had made the decision to wipe the human race out as they had become too much trouble for the benefits they got. The inertial compensator could not be adapted to Andromedan technology and humans had developed their own shields which were effective against tachyon weapons. The weapons the Andromedans were going to use to destroy the human race were left in open caches, the Andromedan retreat was too fast to secure or destroy them.


History of Earth