Currently our main title is Galactic War, a sci-fi star ship combat game set in the Earth Wars Saga universe, as all our games are. With Galactic War you get the basic rules to play, an abridged history of the galaxy and Earth, five factions representing over 100 ships, patrol boats and fighters. Those factions are the United Nations of Earth Combined Armed Forces Fleet which brings the best of the four alliances to battle. The Akoran Empire, a heavily shielded, long range bombardment force. The Decoran Republic is a fighter intensive, knife fighting force. The Federation Commonwelth, a low tech group of humans bent on ridding the galaxy of all non-human life and freeing mankind from the enslavement of high technology. Finally we come to the Andromedan Empire, a highly technological race bent on galactic conquest.

There is also an expansion, the Earth Akoran War. With this book the UNE gets expanded into the four alliances, the European Union, the Commonwealth, the US Alliance and the Commintern. You also get an additional fleet, the Confederate. This group of human overthrough the UNE and replaced it with a unified government. The Akoran Imperial Guard is also added to the list of factions. This highly fanatical group is bent on destroying the human race. The Decoran Republic, Federation Commonwealth, and Andromedan Empire all get additional ships to suppliment their lists. Two new races are added, the first being the Hortloth. This missile happy folks have no energy weapons. The Ilin is the final addition to the managerie. These small humanoids are resistant to any kind of explosion and concentrate on X-ray lasers.

Throughout the first intergalactic war the galaxy strained under the old theories of interstellar war and trade war. It wasn't until the Humans came along that the true nature of Convoy war was understood. With this expansion you will receive not only convoy ships for each of the races already seen in previous expansions and Galactic war but three new playable races. Who will you fight for?

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The final game that is in developement is Skirmish, a hex based game that involves combat between a few small ships rather than the bigger ships that dominate Galactic War. It has reached playtesting.

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